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Your school experiences


How was it for you? Did you have some awful and damaging experiences at your school that you would like to share? Maybe you had a great time and would like to praise particular teachers who held onto their humanity in an inhumane system?

If you have children in school, how are they getting on? Have you been shocked by some of the things that have happened to them in school and would like to share that with others? Here is your opportunity.



  1. Aukje Noorman says:

    I have not yet read the book but am very much looking forward to it. I started reading read John Holt and John Taylor Gatto 2 years ago and it was a revelation for me, daughter of 2 teachers, who trained as a teacher and whose uncles, aunts and grandfather were also teachers……..I have 2 children, both have had time out of school and although my eldest is now back at school and having a great time (and also has Aspergers diagnosis so is no longer seen as ‘immature’ etc), my daughter is not happy and does not want to go. I know she is right and the only thing that stops me taking her out of school is that I need to work. I wrote down what she said to me about school in 2012 and it was published in an online journal on educational alternatives recently, ‘Other Education’. The link to her article ‘ A free Growing Person- thoughts on school and education’ is here

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