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Writing So,what’s wrong with school? was a little like painting the Forth Bridge – once I reached the end of one edit, policy changes necessitated going back to the beginning to rewrite whole sections. What policy changes have you noticed since I called a halt to editing? Has the law changed? How are Free Schools looking? How are the academies faring? Has the Early Years Foundation Stage grown? Keep us all up to date on what it is we are up against here.



  1. Michael Gove’s plans to privatise academies, remove them from government control and allow then to be profit making indicate that children will be reduced to economic generation units:

  2. Go to page 22 of this document. Flexischooling (aka flexi-schooling) is no longer going to be permitted.

  3. Appeals on admission at academies and faith schools may be unfair as they conduct their own appeals. Again the privatisation of education removes transparency and accountability from schools removed from local authority control. See this BBC news item from 5th March 2013 .

  4. Frank Bergin says:

    Children in Germany start school at an older age, have shorter school days and have longer holidays than British children, but if you have been to Germany you will have realised that they are very highly educated, with most of them speaking English better than some English people! Making school days longer is absolutely ridiculous.

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