So, what's wrong with school?

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  1. Charlotte says:

    Primary school I found difficult to start with in the last couple of years not thinking like the other children, then finding out I have Dyslexia after awhile(finding lots of problems and falling asleep alot which they did not like but I did not do it on purpose), then going to secondary school I hang around with some girls who buillied me for years but then sort of being my friends I was not sure wheather they were friends or not. Only just recently in the last couple of years I have cut off connection with them and gaining my confidence slowly. But when I was at school, I wandered of running away from home, I did not go to school a couple of days when I should of and sometimes I even thought of the worse. My partner did not like Secondary school, and he thinks our daughter should go because she has too otherwise she worn’t do well in life :(. I don’t want things repeating things in life and I would like my girl to have confidence, express herself, love life aswell as learning 🙂 I have thought I would like to include different subjects for my daughter mostly english and maths.

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