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Based in the UK, I  spent a large part of adulthood recovering from my school years and an addiction to teaching and being taught. I blundered into home education as a safe refuge from my son’s hideous school experiences. Having spent far too much of my life in educational institutions, I am reclaiming my right to be curious and to ask provocative questions.

Gathering together personal stories, news items, statistics and thoughts from conversations and reading, I compiled a book asking So, what’s wrong with school? Organised under 125 reasons (see Book Contents page for the full list), the book looks at what children learn (and don’t learn), how school separates children from themselves and others and the impact of the culture of school. I look at teachers along with the health and mental health impact of schooling. The 542 page 6″ x 9″ book (160,000 words) is available from lulu publishing in paperback for £12.84 plus postage. Click on the cover image on the home page of this website to buy or use this buy button:  to go directly to the lulu page.
The book is also available as  a PDF ebook direct from me for £4.80. I will send you an invoice via paypal, though you do not need a paypal account to pay. To order a PDF ebook, either use the Contact page or the Buy  PDF page or email jmwanzia  (at)  directly. The PDF version has clickable links in the notes to take you to relevant websites and clickable page numbers in the contents page to navigate to the correct page in the book. It can be converted to Kindle by sending to kindle from your kindle account with CONVERT in the subject line. It is also available as a word document or in Epub format if you prefer. I can send a package of all three formats if you wish for the same price.
I appreciate any feedback on the book either through the comments on this website or directly through my email. Here is a link to a review by Ross Mountney
I would like you to share any positive moves by schools to address the issues raised in my book by posting comments on The Way Forward page. There are teachers and heads striving to make schools more human places against the prevailing tide of oppressive political control of every thought and every moment in children’s lives. They need celebrating.

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